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Rick Hinkelmann,
KBRwyle President of Leadership Association

Over the past two years, Coach Miriam has spoken at two of our KBRwyle Leadership Association chapter meetings. Miriam’s first topic was on personality profiles and members couldn’t stop talking about the personality animals and how much fun we had in the meeting. When she spoke on emotional intelligence, the group learned about self-awareness and how to apply this awareness to manage ourselves effectively and to form quality relationships. Her energy and interactive style encourages audience participation.

Heartfelt, Tiffany Bass
Director of CV Service Line – Baptist Medical Center South

Hi Miriam! This is Tiffany Bass. I'm in Boston finishing up a leadership conference. One of my assignments is to think of an influential person that positively impacted my career and to reach out to that person. You are the person that came to my mind. I so enjoyed our conversations and your encouragement! You lead from the positive and give your client the opportunity to identify their own areas of vulnerability and opportunity. With that comes real empowerment and accountability to make changes when needed! Please be encouraged to continue to do what you do...building better and stronger leaders!

Erin Bloxham Curtis,
Marketing Director, Canvas, Inc.

I have been singing your praises lately as they relate to your EQ presentation what you did for Leadership Management Academy. I’ve always thought you were a good speaker/presenter, but when you present on soft skill development you just shine! You can tell it’s your passion and you’re in your element! I’ve talked about this with multiple people and thought you should probably know how much I enjoyed learning from you and watching you shine.

Matt Davis
VP of Commercial Banking – Huntsville, AL

Thank you for pouring into my life and coaching me to be better. I appreciated your character, integrity and spiritual aspect. You opened up a non-threatening environment, a safe place for me to share and learn. Thank you for investing in me, challenging me, and helping me grow.


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