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1. Coaching is for losers, a last-gasp effort before being shown the door.
Reality; Coaching is for winners who seek to go to the next level.

2. Coaching is about healing your past and focusing on the past.
Reality; Coaching is not counseling; it is about thinking bigger, thinking possibilities and changing your life. Where do you want to grow?

3. Coaching is a separate leadership development activity for work.
Reality; Coaching integrates leadership development and results into all areas of your life. This is not just about the workplace.

4. The Coach is a process consultant who asks questions from a distance.
Reality; Imagine having an advocate outside the home and workplace that listens and wants the best for you and for you to be successful.

5. Coaching is an activity that happens in annual reviews in the workplace.
Reality; Coaching requires continuous improvement and reflection.

Coaching begins where you are today and looks forward to where you want to go.

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