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As a leader, not only do you need to recruit talent, you need to engage talent.

It is not just about paychecks, bonuses, performance goals and reviews, but about appreciation of the employees’ skills and talents and

recognizing them for a job well done.

Giving the talented people something to do —-

that is a gift to the human spirit and makes the world a better place.

When was the last time your people were engaged in a project;

where time flew by, they were adding input,

adding ideas and conversation that were leading to excitement about the work?

Here are 3 things to try as a leader:

  1. Ask them “what are you thinking?” – get their feedback and input.
  2. Ask them “what are you learning?” – help them take time out to reflect, help them realize the value of what they are doing and how it is impacting their growth.
  3. Then, LISTEN, to what they have to say – people are amazing and creative and want to add value.

If you want to learn more and be held accountable to make a difference in your team,

Please contact me and let’s have a 30 minute complimentary session together.

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