My Story

Yes, I really did walk away from my job as Vice President of Finance for a multi-million dollar company to start a business as a life coach and consultant. As a CPA and former small business owner, I found that in addition to the skills and knowledge I was using at work, I was also drawn to helping others. Several events in my life led me to the discovery that coaching, teaching and encouraging people is what gives me real joy. I began the process of becoming a Life Coach through Coach U and set out to create a coaching and consulting business that combines all my skills and passion to help others.

After a few years of trying to start a Life Coaching business, to be honest my business was pretty flat and not growing.  So, I decided to spend a day unplugged from the TV, the computer, the phone, the ipad and just journal.  My journal pages turned into a conversation with my Creator, just sharing my frustration.  I knew deep in my heart I was to be a Coach!  I knew this!  but since the clients were not coming, my husband asked me to consider going back to work full time as a VP of Finance.  In my heart and gut I knew that if I did this, I would die a slow death, the passion for this was gone, the desire to sit behind a desk was gone.

Out of my journaling experience that day which lasted from 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. came a thought.  Call the Beltline Church of Christ and ask if you can speak at their next ladies retreat.  Why Beltline?  Because I knew some of these ladies, we had gone on mission trips together to Cuba and had spoken at the Women’s Conference in Cuba.  Well, I did just that – I reached out and was scheduled to speak the following Spring.

During that evening of speaking I shared my story of going from a CPA to Life Coach.  After I spoke a lady came up to me and said, you need to meet my boss, Dr. Larry Little.  I said, “Ok, I will.”  (Whenever something like that happens, I take that literally because I believe it is a connection that my God has pulled together).

Sure enough.  I met Dr. Larry Little and his Associate, Melissa Jackson.  We had several interviews and I was hired as a Subcontractor to work with their Leadership Coaching Team.  This turned out to be a perfect fit for me.  I was a business woman and had witnessed good leaders and bad leaders. I knew I could add value as a Coach.  I joined Eagle Center for Leadership in 2015 and am now part of a team, I receive continuous training, I receive support and encouragement – things that I did not have working alone in my business.

I not only work with Eagle but have the opportunity to reach individuals in the workplace as a result of speaking and sharing.  Looking back, over the last 10 years I realize I have created this amazing life.  It is not just available to me but for anyone who wants to seek, learn, choose to live differently.

"As your coach, I want to help guide, challenge & empower you."