Need a powerful, inspirational speaker for your group or organization?

Below are some of Coach Miriam’s most popular Speaking Engagement topics

How to Become a More Effective Leader by Developing Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


  • Identify the 4 parts of EQ
  • Identify how these 4 parts affect leadership effectiveness
  • Identify that leadership is a choice.

EQ is a flexible skill that is readily learned and developed.  The event will strengthen your EQ awareness so that you can lead and influence in a more productive way.

The Power of Listening: How to Improve Your 3 Levels of Listening Skills


  • Gain an understanding of the 3 levels of listening;
    • Internal Listening
    • Listening to Understand
    • Global Listening.

There is a significant difference in listening and truly hearing what someone else is saying. Listening goes far beyond words that someone says.  Good leaders know how to listen in a way that encourages open and authentic conversation and moves others forward in his or her goals.

7 Essential Questions for Successful Relationships


  • Understand the 7 questions that have the power to change relationships – not only in the work place but at home as well.
  • Practice these questions during the session and leave with questions to apply in your daily life and make a difference in your relationships.